Zion’s Bank: Vernal, Utah

v1About 100 years ago, a man decided he wanted to build a bank out in the badlands of Eastern Utah. However, the bank owner encountered a problem when the building company quoted him a large price to transfer the bricks a long distance through the maintains from Salt Lake. As a means of finding a loophole, the bank owner mailed the bank brick by brick to Vernal, Utah and save a fortune since at that point in time shipping prices were extremely low. This building is visually striking to me because of its scale and the 80,000 bricks that were mailed individually to build this imposing bank. I also enjoy the typical pillars around the door seen on most banks built in the 20th century. Knowing the backstory, this structure leaves me feeling impressed that a determined business owner would go to such great lengths for a vision when he could have easily used locally sourced materials instead. I view the Zion’s Bank in Vernal as a statement piece more than just simply a building. v2

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