WMware Technology – San Jose, Costa Rica


In January I had the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica with the JCP Leadership in the Price College of Business. While there, my group and I did a ton of fun things, like zip lining across the rain forest, but we also had educational company visits –gotta incorporate the study in study abroad somewhere. One of the companies we visited was VMware, a software company based out of silicone valley. When walking up to the building I was mesmerized by the black glass covered building. It looked so different from any of the buildings surrounding it. Then I walked into the building and that is literally when I fell in love with the building around me. It was like entering a different place, fully modern, up to date, and snacks everywhere!

The architecture of this building is very modern inside and out. The outside features a curtain wall of black glass panels which is outlined in white. The inside has modern furniture and a very spacious layout with everything being somewhat interconnected. The 3rd floor is the 24/7 floor, where people are working at any time of the day. This is to help reduce energy costs from the other 5 floors of the building. Costa Rica is known to be very environmentally conscious, and everything VMware has in their office space really plays to that.


Most of these pictures are taken from my iPhone which is why they aren’t great and don’t full capture the beauty of the building, but I hope they give you an idea of what it looks like.

Copy of DSC_7404IMG_0658 IMG_0675IMG_0689^ me enjoying laying in a trampoline like chair, still looking for somewhere to buy this cause it was kind of awesome.IMG_0676IMG_0682

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