Tyree Energy Technologies Building / FJMT


The Tyree Energy Technologies Building at the University of New South Wales, Australia was another design competition project for FJMT in the year of 2012. Although, the exterior of the building looks amazing, I think the architectural design of the interior does not match or fit the overall outside look. It almost has the look of a factory because of the heavy metal blocks crossing all sides and the box like walls and ceiling. This very futuristic, overlapping plan scheme might seem appropriate for an educational facility like the research and laboratory workspaces, but it does not feel very welcoming for people who spend significant amounts of time there.

The outside design though combines interesting shapes and forms from all sort of materials which makes it very appealing visually. For example, the overhead shaped roof provides shading and cooling to the front mall area with its interesting cloud shape design which is seen in other urban design projects built by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp. I think more people would be willing to spend time outside on the patio closer to the park than inside the building.


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