Tuttle Opera House

Tuttle Opera House was a stable of the town for a very long time. As I was growing up in Tuttle, Oklahoma I was in several plays, talent shows, and musicals that all took place in the Tuttle opera house. This opera house was actually attached to several other stores, but was the main portion of the second story of the building, with a huge wooden stage and eating area. It was really amazing to be able to grow up with such a long standing and unique building in my home town. One distinctive aspect of this building were the walls behind the actual stage, which were covered in thousands of names of children and adults alike that had performed on that stage. My name was included on this wall, but sometimes great things come to an end. In 2013 there was a fire that unfortunately destroyed the building. Although the opera house is gone the memories of all the time I spent there will stay with me forever.27 26 25

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