Thorncrown Chapel

As a huge architecture nerd (I have an Associates in Architecture CAD and worked for architects for almost 10 years), when me and my husband decided to get married, it had to be somewhere cool!


We decided to have the ceremony at the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Thorncrown was designed and built in 1981 by Fae Jones who worked under Frank Lloyd Wright (If you don’t know who that is, go look him up, I’ll wait!) at the Taliesen Fellowship.


To me, one of the most amazing thing about the chapel, besides it simplicity, is the fact that in order to preserve the surrounding natural setting, the chapel was built with materials that was carried to the site by hand.

Scanned Image 110650000

As a family we have visited the chapel every time we are in Eureka and every time it looks different.


The time of day, weather, and season all play a role in what the chapel looks like at the time. I tried to include pictures that showed the different elements in different times.

 17027721630_dd7349633c_z   800px-09-02-06-ThorncrownChapel1

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