The Diamond Bridge


The first building for my blog is the Gwang-an Bridge(Diamond Bridge) located at Gwang-an beach in Busan, South Korea. This Diamond Bridge was built in 2002. It is the largest bridge over the ocean in Korea. It is equipped with artistic light, the bridge showcases splendid light that changes every day and every season. The bridge offers majesty beauty combined with nearby attractions during the day and a romantic atmosphere at night, attracting many tourists and residents as well. The reason why I selected this architecture was that this is my favorite site that I usually go to. This is also located at my town that I grew up. I used to hang out with my friends and spent good time with my family at Gwang-an beach by looking the Diamond Bridge. Whenever I pass by the Diamond Bridge, I always admire this architecture. My favorite factors of this bridge is it looks stable, magnificent, and light from the bridge which makes the ocean shine.

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