Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center

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The Stephenson Life Sciences Center seems to be a building that is not focused on being extravagant from the outside but more focused on practicality. Most of its walls are plain and do not have a lot of decorations or interesting shapes, however the building is very well built for housing labs. There is a lot of natural light in almost every room due to the many windows, which is very helpful for those in the lab. Natural light helps to lift the spirits of researchers who spend hours in the lab. Many of the labs also have windows that help researchers to feel like they are not trapped in a box for hours. There is also a spacious area to sit and talk with others when a break is needed. The building simply supplies a lot of needs that researchers require, and is able to help alleviate the pains associated with the job. I am interested the most by this building because I think it’s impressive that architects were able to make their designs with these aspects in mind.

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