St. Edmundsbury Cathedral, Suffolk, England


This summer I had the privilege to work a golf tournament in England, and upon its completion I traveled for a week. I got to visit an uncle just outside of Suffolk, and one evening after dinner we explored the St. Edmundsbury Cathedral and court yard, where he was getting married a few weeks later. There has been a church standing on these ground for over 950 years, but the cathedral currently standing has been around for just over 100 years, with renovations and additions happening every 20 or so years. This photo is one I took of one of the original structures on the grounds. IMG_4924

What really struck me about this was how casual everyone seemed about such a magnificent structure being essentially on their doorstep. The area was by no means touristy, and it didn’t seem like anyone really cared about how beautiful and grand the architecture was. I took plenty of pictures as joggers ran through the grounds and parents watched their kids play in the grass. It makes me wonder if there are buildings around me that I take for granted, but being there made me really think about architecture, and the age a grandeur of all the buildings in England. It is clear from the structure and detail how important religion has been, but it is amazing to me how much effort went into their construction, even back in times when resources to do these types of things were not as available.

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