Shelters for Roman Archaeological Site- Peter Zumthor


One of the first big projects for Peter Zumthor was this protective pavilion built to cover the remains of Roman buildings. Built in 1985-86 and located in the capital of the Swiss canton of Graubünden. Zumthor came up with a design of wooden pavilions that functions not only as a protective cover but a museum and a veritable architectural jewel. The wood shelters allow visitors to comprehend the original extent of the Roman buildings by providing a visible and physical form to distinguish the ancient remains in sharp contrast to the modern city.


The new entrance takes place in one of the sides.More than a standard entrance for a building, it could almost look like the access to something very sci-fi-ish. In order to preserve the artifacts, almost everything avoids contact with the floor. Just a few steps up, the stainless steel door opens into a metal footbridge which runs across the interior of all the buildings at a raised observation level. This building gives off the vibe of a time machine because people enter this very sophisticated building while looking back at ancient relics . It is extremely impressive how he was able to combine the two times in his design.

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