Sayamaike Historical Museum



sayamaike-exterior-granite walls-1

Sayamaike Historical Museum is located on the edge of Sayamaike Pond, a reservoir in Osakasayama, Japan; it was designed by Tadao Ando in 2001. Ando is known for his use of water, and here is no exception. He uses water as a mirror to reflect the sky and museum; something about the stillness of the water is calming and helps the building to feel like it’s a part of its surroundings. The waterfalls that are placed around the building are also very interesting. Part of the museums purpose is to inform people of ancient Japanese water engineering, and I think the waterfalls are a great way to show the might of the ancient techniques. The walls of the museum are made of rough cut granite stone. I really like the stone; somehow it does make the building feel less intrusive. The grayish color emphasizes the surrounding greenery, which is a great that the building contributes something to nature instead of simply taking up space. 

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