Eero Saarinen- a 20th Century Architect

Eero Saarinen 1910-1961
Eero Saarinen 1910-1961

My blog posts will be focused on the work of Eero Saarinen (1910-1961), a 20th century, Finnish American architect and industrial designer. Saarinen is know for his neofuturistic style, an artistic and architectural movement that emphasized a desire to depart from post-modernism and move towards an idealistic and better future.

Saarinen found early recognition in furniture design before creating his architectural masterpieces. His pieces of furniture were said to be organic in design and he was widely praised for this unique and artistic approach to home furnishing.

Womb Chair
Womb Chair

That being said, his architectural genius makes the furniture design seem irrelevant. Saarinen is the architect behind dozens of projects that have dramatically changed the field of architecture and challenged the post-modernistic eye. A list of his works can be found here: List of works by Eero Saarinen.

The remainder of my blog posts will highlight a few of his more famous works including: the Gateway Arch, the Milwaukee County War Memorial, the TWA Terminal, the Ingalls Ice Rink, the John Deere World Headquarters, and the Bell Labs Holmdel Complex. Each of these buildings speaks to Saarinen’s neofuturistic style and his passion for exploration and experimentation in American architectural designs.

Gateway Arch
Bell Labs Holmdel Complex
TWA Terminal
Ingalls Ice Rink
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John Deere World Headquarters
Milwaukee County War Memorial
Milwaukee County War Memorial

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