River Point, Chicago IL

This building is currently being built in Chicago and is almost nearly finished. This beautiful curvy skyscraper will be used by companies for a new ultramodern workspace for offices and meeting spaces, and before it is complete it is impressively rated as a gold LEED structure. This 52 story tower is located on the popular West Loop of downtown Chicago, it will feature a gateway to the riverwalk. Featuring a 1.5 acre space, there is a fitness center, and a restaurant, sounding much like the Devon Energy Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The design of this structure is significantly noted with striving curved sides to view the city in a panoramic effect, as well as open up the skyline from the inside and lessen the electric bill. The view to Lake Michigan is absolutely spectacular, and the bustling downtown seen below is an amazing sight. The completion of this building is a great futuristic event that many people are looking forward to expressively.
Architect: Jon Pickard
riverpoint_riverpointmarketingservices_lobby_canal_081513_hres_web download

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