Hisar Kapia, Old Town Plovdiv, BG

Revival Old Houses, Plovdiv – Bulgaria



These are photographs of the revival houses in a part of the oldest city in Europe, Plovdiv. This was a period started in the eighteen century when big economic, cultural and political upswing developed trade and craftsman in the big cities causing the start of a new era for architecture still intact today. This richness of variety not only of materials: stone, wood, and clay all in one place, but also the region they were built in. Their structures was often made with reinforced walls, rickety staircases and symmetric and asymmetric architectural pieces. The streets, like in some parts of France and Italy are narrow and steep which makes the architecture even more interesting and unique. These bourgeois homes are very heavily decorated and colourful, bringing interest from tourist all over the world. Plovdiv is not only a great ancient city, but the cultural capital of Europe in 2019 .



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