Red Lion High School

I went to a medium-sized high school; for perspective, my graduating class had about 360 people in it. The building was rather large, and looked haphazardly thrown together. It was divided into four parallel sections, but one of them (the D Wing) was built after the others, and the style was very incongruous; the other three wings were built with brick and yellow paint, and analog clocks, while the D Wing was laid out with white paint and black imitation marble, had large windows, was more spacious, and was more modern (e.g., digital clocks and hands-free sinks.)

The D-Wing also only had two floors, while the other wings had three floors. The building had other appendages and additions latched onto it, so it looked like a disorganized amalgamation of buildings and halls with inconsistent styles and varying roof heights.

red lion building

Sometimes, the disorganization was interesting; there was a lot to explore, and because the cross-hallways and stairways were placed differently in every wing, the optimal route between classes took some planning. But it was also confusing and difficult to navigate at times. The main building was surrounded by a periphery of fields, parking lots, tennis courts, and basketball courts, every bit as random and incoherent.

high school aerial

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