Raley Chapel

No matter what direction you drive into Shawnee, Oklahoma from you are probably going to see an object rise above the rest. That object just so happens to be the steeple of Raley Chapel. Raley Chapel was constructed in 1961 and is a staple of Oklahoma Baptist’s campus. Prior to attending OU I spent three semesters at OBU. Raley is the building on campus where concerts, talent shows, orientations and obviously weekly chapels are held. The chapel was built to honor Jraley 1ohn Wesley Raley who at one point served as the president and chancellor at OBU. To music majors this building is their home for the four (or maybe five) years they attend OBU. To athletes this is the building you pass at 4:45 am when you are making the walk across campus for 5 am workouts. To the rest of campus it is the building you go to on some Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout undergraduate to get 96 chapel credits in order to graduate. Besides being a music major all of the above applied to me while I was at OBU, but also Raley felt like home. It was a comfortable safe haven in the midst of a huge life change for me. Every aspect about the building is just welcoming: the hugeraley 2, beautiful stain-glass windows, the gigantic columns in the front, the steps ushering you through the front doors. Raley was also the place where my parents prayed over me and then drove off and left me so I could start my own journey. It was the very first place I was truly left to be my on own. But in my freshman year at OBU and the fall semester of my sophomore year I grew more in all aspects and a lot of that growing took place under the roof of Raley Chapel. I was called to missions in that building. I cried tears of joy and sadness there. It is just a home away from home. I will never get tired of snapping pictures of Raley araley 3nd putting them on social media with the hashtag #dailyraley just all the other OBU students.

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