Parco della Musica



Located in northern Rome, Italy, Parco della Musica is a large, multifunctional music complex with three different concert halls, each a different size. The smallest concert hall has 7 hundred seats, the largest concert hall has 2,800 seats, and the third has 1,200 seats. Each hall is separated by an outdoor lobby to ensure

180411-presentazione progetto nuovo auditorium casa della musica in parco del Cavaticcio in manifattura delle arti--foto Nucci/Benvenuti

soundproofing quality. Parco della Musica is open to the public, welcoming anyone and everyone to explore music culture. It was built from 1995-2002 where part of the 1960 Olympics took place. In 2014, just twelve years after completion, two million people visited Parco della Musica, making it the second most visited cultural music venue in the world, second only to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City. Personally, I do not like the planlook of this music center. All I can think is “hungry, hungry cockroaches” when I see the park from an aerial view. However, I can still appreciate the grandeur of this architecture.interior

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