Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum

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The Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum was designed by and dedicated to Tadao Ando. The museum is built directly into the hillside in order to preserve the environment which is characteristic of Tadao Ando. Which as you can see in the first picture its presence does not distract from the natural beauty of the island. It is meant to be accessed by boat via a stepped plaza along the shoreline that serves as an entrance and an outdoor performance space; these steps are shown in the second picture. After entering the main building visitors descend into the hillside and enter into a large underground art gallery. The gallery has a large window at one end that allows a view of the lush vegetation of the island and the other end has an exhibition room with no roof that allows natural sunlight, third picture. The small hotel annex on the island was also designed by Andao and is above the museum. Upon entering the annex there is a corridor that shows views of the ocean and the water plaza, this corridor also leads to a room with a cut out roof and shimmering pool that reflects the sky. I love how Tadao Ando is able to insert his buildings into the environment without disturbing the natural beauty of the land. I am also a big fan of how he is able to almost make the building apart of nature by adding spaces that allow for natural light, rooms that open to the sky and water that reflects the sky.

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