Michael`s Eco Bar Bulgaria


This cocktail bar was built in coalescence of natural rock formations in the ancient city of Plovdiv. The place has an incredible natural light and open space where everything is shaped around the stone columns. When I first visited the bar, I had no idea, looking at it from the outside, that a place like that could exist. Instead of a door, there was an archway. For chairs and tables, they used pieces of wood placed on flat rocks. Although that might not sound very comfortable or even attractive, it is unique and built based of consumer`s experience and needs.  You would think that the design is very simple, but it involves working with the space, how people interact with that space and move though it. In an open space like that, the architect even included nooks in every corner, where people can also find seclusion. I am sure there are a lot more places like that in the world, but something about this architectural piece makes it special. Being able to have the experience to relax and have a coffee or a drink in an environment like that makes it
worth visiting.

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