MCCORMICK PLACE Event Center is a new venue that is supposed to act as a basketball arena for DePaul University and a s the country’s largest convention center. According to Moody Nolan this is just the first step in a series to revitalize the surrounding neighborhood into a brand new entertainment district, featuring new hotels, restaurants, and streetscapes. The Event Center was also designed to be more contemporary and therefore “has four ‘fronts’ of varying transparency.” Although the buildings design is to give the appearance of multiple entrances, but the actual entrance will be made in the most publically accessible spot.

The design for the Even Center was inspired by Alder and Sullivan’s Theater, the Union station, and the Navy Pier Grand Ballroom. The Building is supposed to finish construction by the year 2017.mcc-1-800x600 mcc-3-800x600 mcc-2-800x600 mcc-4-800x600 mcc-5-800x600 mcc-6-800x600

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