Malcolm X College and School of Health Sciences

The New Malcolm X College and School of Health Sciences is a community college, which is part of the city colleges of Chicago, made by the Moody Architects. Along with including all the necessities of any standard college the building also contains a roof garden to help keep the building cool as well as an eight-story tower. This tower acts as a “virtual hospital in order to teach students “simulated real-world healthcare scenarios.” The new college is ocated adjacent from the older building, but offers a more futuristic look to what the community can become. The building itself is surrounded by shrubbery in an almost concrete jungle, this creates a more vibrant and positive message making it stand out from the other buildings surrounding it.Malcolm-X-Exterior_009-800x600 Malcolm-X-Exterior_014-800x600 Malcolm-X-Exterior_015-800x600 Malcolm-X-Interiors_009-800x600 Malcolm-X-Interiors_007-800x600 Malcolm-X-Interiors_005-800x600





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