Komyo-ji Temple



komyoji-interior 3


The Komyo-Ji Temple is on Shikoku Island in the Hiuichi Sea in Ehime, Japan. It is a new temple for the Pure Land sect of Buddhism; Tadao Ando designed it in 2000. The island of Shikoku is known for its many springs, this temple was built on one which allows Ando to integrate the water into the temple to help it feel more natural. In fact, to enter one must cross a wooden plank over a natural spring that surrounds the temple. Once inside, there is a walkway around the outer edge of the temple. The center is blocked from visitors as it is the sacred space of the temple, it is sectioned off by wood and frosted glass. I really like the intricate wood work of the temple and its integration with the natural spring that it is built on. They are beautiful together.

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