KIPP: Central Ohio

I thought this was interesting because I went to a KIPP charter school, and I knew there were locations across the U.S, but they’re typically middle schools. This new charter school designed by Moody and Nolan is finishing up its construction on the second phase of the building, which was built on a former golf course. Because of its location the school will be surrounded by nature which is perfect for the recess time as the school will have two programs one for early childhood students ( pre-k -1) and a stand alone high school. The goal of all KIPP schools is to provide the best education and opportunities possible so that they obtain the highest graduating rate from not only graduating high school seniors, but former students graduating from college. Since this is the goal, the building was designed to also hold new music, art, and computer rooms, a state of the art gymnasium and large dining areas.kipp-11-800x600 kipp-2-800x600 kipp-3-800x600 kipp-4-800x600 kipp-5-800x600 kipp-6-800x600

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