Hemeji City Museum of Literature


Front picture

Decending water stone steps

Inside Main inhibition room


The Hemeji City Museum of Literature was built in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Himeji City becoming a municipality. The main building and its annex were designed by Tadao Ando and completed in the 1990’s. This first picture shows the main building surrounded in water and beaming with light. Tadao Ando’s style of incorporating the building into nature is clearly seen here. In order to enter the main building, visitors must walk down a ramp that follows a stepped, shallow pool of water. I really like it because the crushed stone that lines the steps allows the water to clearly reflect the sky and surroundings. The main building is primarily used as an exhibition space or lecture hall, inside the main building the outer space is surrounded by glass with windows that let in a variety of orange and yellow light. The fourth picture shows the library inside of the annex building. The large window in the ceiling allows for natural light to pour into the library. The natural light coming into the enclosed space almost makes it seem as if the library is a special, hidden place and I appreciate that touch.

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