Gaylord Memorial Stadium

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I realize that a handful of my classmates have already posted about Gaylord Memorial Stadium but I could not resist adding my thoughts on the new addition to our beautiful campus.

The football stadium is a special place on campus, a place where our university comes together sharing pride for our school. That being said, the stadium needs to elevate that feeling for all of those in attendance.

The newest addition to the stadium is beautiful, it surrounds fans with a sense of belonging, a contrast to the real world. The stadium is literally a bowl in which fans feel as if the rest of the outside world stands still. It is an incredible feeling to have chills covering your body as the American flag covers the field and the thousands of people in the stadium are together in a moment that would not be possible anywhere else in the world. Needless to say, this is a pretty incredible structure.

Over the past few months, when parking in the stadium garage, I have looked over the edge and watched the construction workers. It absolutely blows my mind, to think that the photos of the plan somehow are translated into instructions for the construction workers, who then know exactly which large beam needs to be placed exactly in its position, welded together, etc. It is as if I am watching a little busy town, each person with a task, each screw, bolt, and beam with a place. Before I knew it, it was Game Day and I was standing in the stadium, all filled in, fans safely seated on the structure that was built by human hands. If that isn’t enough to stimulate a mind previously not in tune with architectural thought processes, then I don’t know what is.

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