Galeries Lafayette


The best “luxury bazaar” in Paris, France is the upmarket Galeries Lafayette department store. It is all about modern, but at the same time classical decor with rich ornaments and arched balconies in typical French Art Deco Style. It is more than just a mall, what we call these shopping centers nowadays. It has access to a beautiful panoramic view on the roof, a tea room, a reading room and a smoking room, and ninety-six merchandised departments, a place where you can spend your entire day and socialize with others. Seeing this beautiful “gold” settings around Christmas Holidays just adds to the richness of this enormous luxury palace. The forty-three meter high dome is another unique feature of the incredible architectural work of the Galeries Lafayette. Paris is just one of the best places for art in any form and shape and for that reason every piece of it is very memorable and recognisable.


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