Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park

I was lucky enough to have to go to Chicago on a work/furniture related trip and was able to go on the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park tour.



The first location on the tour was FLW’s Home and Studio. When I walked in it was literally breathtaking! There was so many details to see down to the furniture (that he made specifically for the homes he designed and built).



We walked the neighborhood to look at various houses he had designed. Most were obviously done by FLW, but there were a few that were not so obvious. I took a ton of pictures, but I went on the tour in 2006, so they are not readily accessible. All of the picture in this post came from the FLW Trust website.


The last place we visited was Unity Temple and it is awe-inspiring. This has to be one of the most beautiful and timeless religious space in the world. And if not, there are only a few that can beat it. Again the simple lines, craftsmanship, and details are exquisite! No one does details like FLW!



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