FJMT + Archimedia / Business School and Teaching Complex

FJMT- Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp in association with Archimedia are the architects who designed this modern complex campus building in Auckland, New Zealand. The plan for this building was developed around the cultural and collaborative exchange of knowledge and learning but also in compliment with the side landscape valley surrounding the area. The shapes are mostly organic, two ribbon forms created through layers of stainless steel and glass, incorporating a suspended external and glazed shade-panel of titanium inter-layers.

It is very important for an educational environment like this one to be not only open and friendly, but to have as much natural light as possible. As I mentioned already, the building is composed by large pieces of glass which connect and shape into beautiful, shade panel facades for working or resting. As we heard from the developers of the Devon Energy Towers in Oklahoma city; Klay Kimker and Shannon Fetz, higher productivity is based on a healthy working environment, which is mostly related to open space, more natural light and an area for communication and collaboration. The Business School and Teaching Complex perfectly exhibits this ideal situation.

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