Felix Nussbaum Haus-Bashaw

This buildingĀ  is a museum for the Jewish artist Felix Nussbaum. He was born in 1904 and who died during the holocaust. The museum is divided into 3 areas which seems to be a theme with some of Libeskind’ s work. These areas represent the 3 time periods of Nussbaum’s artistic work and the building itself faces 3 cities where Nussbaum studied art and the 4th faces the concentration camp where he died. The 3 areas have several dead end paths as well which can give people the feeling of claustrophobia. These 3 areas represent his early paintings, his art during hiding and newly found artwork. The area I have a picture of the interior is the time he was in hiding. I believe even through the picture itself you can get a sense of claustrophobia and sadness which I believe Libeskind is trying to relay.

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