East Lake Forest Train Station – Lake Forest, IL


The train system in Chicago is something that I took for granted growing up. Every day, my dad takes the train back and forth into the city. My dad is an electrical engineer. When I was younger, I thought that he was a train engineer because he took the train to work every day.


I never took notice of the train station until bringing a friend home with me from school. She was so amazed at the detail and thought that went into this building. I have spent a good amount of time sitting in the waiting room or waiting on the platform waiting for the train to take me into the city. The voice of the man on the intercom saying “Metra commuter, your attention please. The next in/outbound train will be arriving in your station in approximately (usually three) minutes.” It is a lot easier to take a day trip when you don’t have to worry about parking or paying for gas.


There is a barber shop and a shoe shine station inside of the train station that fits perfectly into the feeling of the train station. Although I have never used either service myself, the people watching is phenomenal.



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