Dragon Mart (Dubai)


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While in Dubai I drove past this place called Dragon Mart. Dubai is a becoming more and more diverse city and because of this they have an increasing Chinese population. Dragon Mart is mostly made up of Asian stores that sell a wide range of products from spices all the way to makeup and clothes. Before you even enter you immediately get a sense of eastern designs mixed with western architecture. Dragon Mart is the largest and one of the only places where people can acquire authentic Asian products besides the common items you can find in the super markets. It’s like an oasis, I say that because it’s located kind in the middle of nowhere. I’m not even exaggerating there’s like nothing near it, it’s a half hour away from the city and between them is nothing but sand and the mountain that was cut through in order to make a more convenient high way. When I first went in I had butterflies in my stomach because there are some shops you can haggle in and I had four years of Chinese I wanted to try out. I haggled a little, but kind of chickened out and didn’t get the price as low as I probably could have. Dragon Mart represents a bridge between two different cultures, both embracing each other’s differences and as nice reminder of home for those who were working abroad.

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