Downtown Fort Worth United States Post Office by Wyatt C. Hedrick

The second building I chose to write about is the United States Post Office located in Downtown Fort Worth. It was designed by Wyatt C. Hedrick and opened in February of 1933. It is made of limestone and designed with the Beaux Arts style in mind. It features longhorns and cattle incorporating the location in the architecture, making it the town’s own. When I typically think of going to the post office, small, grey buildings come to mind. This building is something extraordinary, making the simple action of mailing a package a little bit of a more pleasurable experience. I went there this summer to get a passport and instead of being overwhelmed with the confinement of twenty people in line hurrying to do the same thing, I could stop in the large lobby and look at the precise and beautiful architecture that was surrounding me. The intricate details show that Hedrick really loved what he did and makes me wish that more buildings look the way this particular post office does.

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