Diogene: The Micro House – Renzo Piano


Diogene: The Micro House – Renzo Piano

Italian architect Renzo Piano, famous for designing The Shard skyscraper in London, has created a micro-house called Diogene that is only 6 square metres big, yet comes with a kitchenette, shower and bedroom.  
Diogene is a 65 square feet green micro-house designed by Renzo Piano. Completed in 2013, the tiny house is installed at the Vitra Campus in Germany. This 17000 Euro house was mainly made of wood covered by aluminum. As most green houses, Piano’s  tiny house  has on its top some solar panels used to provide energy to the house. Under the house is located a rainwater collector which minimize the  water.

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The house composed tow part: the kitchen, located in the rear and the living room, in the front. The living room is composed many well organized funiture as shown in the picture above such as  a pull out sofa and folding table. The kitchen also contained well organized furniture such oven, a shower and a toilet.



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