Device to Root out Evil, Vancouver Canada

In this absolutely stunning piece of architecture, an old fashioned New England church has been placed upside down and only touches the ground at the tip of the solitary steeple. Designed by Dennis Oppenheim, this work is meant to represent the body, mind, sensory shells as well as states of a single human being, religious or not. The church is built with galvanized structural steel, aluminum, red Venetian glass, and concrete. Oppenheim says that the structure is meant to also conjure up thoughts of religious turmoil, such as the Holocaust or Christian fundamentalism in America. I personally really like this idea, it looks to me like he’s simply flipping the church upside down to empty out any kind of negativity. It defies gravity, logic, like any kind of supernatural being or god/goddess would. I have this on my bucket list to see some time, I think it is absolutely phenomenal.

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