City Hall in Salinas, Puerto Rico

City Hall Salinas, PRThis building is the city hall of a smaller town in southern Puerto Rico. I chose this city hall because this is the town that my family is from. My grandfather came to the mainland US as a young teen while most of his 9 brothers and sisters stayed behind. I visited the town some years ago and I’ve missed it ever since. The town hall sticks out in this town because it’s mostly populated by smaller buildings with less intricate architecture. You can see the Spanish European influence in the design with strong white pillars lining the doorway and short almost bush like palms in the front landscape. I wish I could say the rest of the town was as beautiful looking as this simple but regal city hall building. Unfortunately, like all of Puerto Rico, Salinas has been victim to a struggling economy and has seen an increase in crime and abandonment. My grandfather’s house which was once a small beautiful little home with a mango tree in the back yard now has a metal gate and bars on the windows to discourage robbery. Hopefully this town can return to the days when all of the structures resembled the quality of this city hall. 

Salinas Puerto RicoSalinas Puerto Rico

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