Chrysler Building: NYC

c1Now in 2016, much of the New York City skyline looks the same, populated with thin glass rectangles all seemingly alike. One building that always stands out night and day is the Chrysler building. I have always been attracted to the c2Chrysler building because of its unique shape and its impressive amount of concrete instead of an all glass exterior like much of the other skyscrapers today. Another aspect of the Chrysler building that I enjoy are its subtle nods towards gothic architecture present in the eight eagle gargoyles surrounding the top of the building. The Chrysler building overall makes me feel small in comparison as it looms far above many of the more modern skyscrapers in the NYC skyline. I believe that the Chrysler building may be one of the more visually striking skyscrapers in the world just because of the fact that it varies so much from what is now considered modern construction and modern skyscrapers.c3   c4

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