Charles Perkins Centre, Sydney/FJMT

This iconic building, named after Charles Perkins who was a graduate aboriginal from the University of Sydney, is now the primary medical research center for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity in the area. The building was sponsored by the federal government and assigned to Fransis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT) with a budget of $385 million.


The construction of the building started in 2012 and it was finished in 2014 which is extremely fast for how complex it is. The inside has a very clean and bright interior with six stories of curved marble balconies and sweeping stairs, giving room for more than 1500 students and researchers.

An interesting fact about the building is that it was planned and designed to fit and match with the surrounding spaces. The northern exterior is primarily in sandstone to reflect the gothic style of St. Jones Collage nearby, where the southern facade of the building is mainly in glass and aluminum facing the Centenary Institute.


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