Catlett Music Center

Catleit Full View

Catleit Hall night

The Catlett Music Center is the main facility for the University of Oklahoma’s School of Music, Symphony Orchestra, the pride of Oklahoma marching band and numerous faculty and student ensembles. Although these are its main function, it also has offices for staff and suites for recording. It was designed by Kaighn Associates Architects in hopes of inspiring the imagination of students. The exaggerated shapes that add to the character of the building are what many (including myself) associate with fields that pertain to the arts. Looking at the second picture the shapes on each side of the lit windows almost look like seating for a large crowd and the shinning windows are those on the stage trying to share the light that is their art. The symbolic nature of the architecture makes me think that it’s saying “this is what we want for you” and I think that’s awesome how the architects were able to make the building say so much.

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