Casa Caldera

Casa 2

The Casa Caldera is one of Dust Architects renowned project. This house is built on the basic Canelo Hill, 80 miles away from Tucson, Arizona. Although the house is in a desert, the plains and vegetation surrounding  makes the house not really visible from a distance. They chose to use scoria, a dark coloured lave roc for this building because theres a lot of volcanic activity around that area of Arizona.  

Casa 1

The plan for this building was to keep it as compact and small without eliminating the aspects of comfort. The concept was simple which was to have one living room,  dining room, kitchen, bathroom and 2 bed.  The main source of heat during the cold season would be the wood burning stove.  how ever during the summer, the walls which is made up of scoria which has a cooling effect even when the surrounding temperature can be high. The good ventilation of the house allows air to flow through the hallways allowing it to cool the house down. The exterior windows are made small and placed strategically according  to the solar orientation to avoid heat gain in the house


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