Building Personification

When preparing to write my blog posts, I continue coming back to the connection between buildings and emotions, or buildings and experiences. Prior to writing these blogs I never really reflected on the substantial impact a building can have on a life or an experience. With this realization I have also taken some time to reflect upon the idea that buildings build stories, they come with myths and expectations. To consider buildings inanimate objects now seems ironic as I am gaining a newfound appreciation for the tremendous life of a building.

A perfect example of a building filled with life is the White House. To imagine the amount of stories, history, events, and changes that have taken place within the White House would be as if one were imagining a human life. To be able to personify a building is a pretty amazing and in my opinion, the White House has as many personal characteristics as the President himself.

As for the architecture of the White House, I would say that the classic columns, the lasting facade, and the story behind the building make it the most important structure in our entire country. Whether it is about the history and stories held within the walls or the beauty of the building itself, the White House is an iconic structure in the US and the rest of the world. 8E13573F-1DD8-B71B-0B05716AAF1D3D48 download hith-white-house-attacks-E hungry-history-cooking-for-the-commander-in-chief-20th-century-white-house-chefs-iStock_000004638435Medium-E

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