Bizzell Library

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The first couple of times I saw the library I felt like I couldn’t take it all in at once. The huge front entrance, the many statues, and the detailed art are a lot to observe. When I think about it I find symbolism everywhere. The library is a stronghold of knowledge that represents a gate that all students mass pass through in order to succeed in college. To me the large pillars at the main entrance almost resemble the posts of a large gate. The building is well decorated with statues and symbols that beautify it, just as having knowledge can lead to the career that one has always wanted and the luxurious lifestyle that can come with it. However, there are also days when I do not see the library’s beauty, instead it appears grim with its green, gloomy roofing and towering pillars that make the library almost daunting. On these days I still see symbolism; the path to knowledge is not always charming (as the library usually is) but takes work and effort to obtain. The path can be imposing in how much must be learned in order to succeed at the University, just as the giant pillars can be imposing. Ultimately when I look at the library I see my college lifestyle, mostly a great experience but at times daunting.

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