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Bell Labs Holmdel Complex is known as one of the crowning achievements of modern architecture. Similar to the look of the John Deere World Headquarters, the Bell Labs Holmdel Complex uses horizontal lines throughout the interior of the building. The exterior shimmers with mirror-like windows divided by vertical and horizontal lines.

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The outside wall is a glass curtain that allows only 25% of outside light to enter while blocking 75% of the suns heat from entering, for this reason, the building is jokingly termed, the “world’s largest mirror”. ┬áThe space is modern in style and the intricate design details are incredibly visually pleasing- themes we have seen in nearly all of Saarinen’s most recognized structures.

Inside the main part of the building you are able to see the balconies that make up the multistory offices and labs. This is a open-concept office space that is symmetrically pleasing and adds to the modern look of the design.

This building is known as a place highly appreciated by both architects and scientists, however it stands completely empty today- unoccupied by Bell Labs.


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