Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre/FJMT


Again, designed by FJMT, this space is even more attractive and welcoming than any other public library design I have seen on the Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp webpage. I love the colors on the exterior design of the building as well as the interior. The technique that the FJMT uses in a lot of their architectural planning to create both working and calming environments is using tilted windows which are beautiful.

Working with natural and fluorescent light creates unique color combinations and different patterns looking at it from inside and out and from various angles. The space inside is extensive and organized so people can sit and enjoy their readings on each floors` library. The building also contains a theatre with three hundred seats, conference rooms, community information walls and even a children’s play room.


The interesting fact is that this building was deconstructed and innovated from the existing one, implementing some of the materials from the deconstruction. The plan for this is not only creative and efficient, but suitable for the need and use of the public.

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