Awaji Yumebutai

Overall Landscape

interesting partBuildings on complex

interesting part 2


Awaji Yumebutai is a design unlike any other that Tadao Ando has done. It is a mixed use complex built on the remains of a hillside whose earth had been used for a landfill project. The idea behind the complex is to symbolize rebirth after destruction and a memorial to those that died in the Kobe region due to a massive earthquake in 1995. Along with the many interesting shapes and features that make the complex a whole there is a hotel, chapel, an international conference center, terracing flower gardens, restaurants and plazas. The scale of the complex is much larger than most of Ando’s usual designs; however he designed an incredible complex. I really like the idea behind the project and the use of unusual shapes and walls to comprise a much larger whole. Its an interesting complex that stirs the imagination.


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