Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki / FJMT + Archimedia



The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki design won the international prize for best building of the year in 2013. The building was designed by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp in association with Archimedia which includes restoration and extenuation of the heritage place. The architectural development for this project was designed to enhance the openness of the public space and the use of organic natural forms reflecting the Abert Park in the background.


There gallery consists of an extensive international exhibit and the new, dynamic space attracts and expands the art audience. The diversity of the place also speaks though the materials used that combine and unite all shapes and form into one unique refurbished gallery. There are fine tree like canopies in the entry gallery space and the openness of the space inside overlaps with the natural patterns from the Abert Park residing on the backside of the building.


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