Architect Blog 6: Adriana Natcheva


The sixth Adriana Natcheva building that I chose to write about is an artist’s studio in London. I think the interior design and decorations are beautiful and give the studio a feeling that it could be a living room in someone’s home. This is quite important for a studio application, because many artists lose track of time and spend hours on end in their studios. Particularly, the stack of wood and the wood-burning heater remind me of the good times that I have spent at a friend’s home in the mountains where I am from, where she is far from her neighbors and the house is quite cozy in the wintertime. This feeling of distance from the surroundings is a rare finding in the city, which is where such a studio would be located. I also really like the way the natural light is allowed to flood the room, which seems to be a common tactic used by Adriana Natcheva. With the way the natural light is utilized here, I like the dark colors in the room because they are more blue-toned, which goes well with the lighter brown color that balances the darker colors she uses. I also appreciate the simplicity of her decorations, which are simple enough that the way they match the shades in the room can be fully appreciated.

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