Architect Blog 4: Adriana Natcheva




The fourth Adriana Natcheva building that I chose to write about is the Town House, located in London. It is a five-story residence renovated by Groves Natcheva. This renovation involved the addition of several new rooms. In contrast to some of the previous Groves Natcheva buildings that I wrote about, the Town House is luxurious and richly decorated in vibrant colors. Particularly, the Modern design combines a vibrant blue and a rich red-brown to create bold rooms. Large windows make the rooms very bright with natural light. I really like the use of natural light to keep the house lit. Although I would generally say I like the colors used in the design, they are a little too loud for me to appreciate in a building, particularly a residence. I would prefer simple adornments in the same brown color on a more naturally colored background. I really like the stairwell shown in the last picture with the brown door shown behind it, but I do not like the room at the top of the stairs. Similarly, I like the doorway shown in the second picture but the color of the walls is so dark as to make the room feel overwhelming. Also, the white furniture is too bright when combined with the natural light; I would prefer an alternative neutral color. However, the shapes of the staircases and doorways in this house are magnificent.

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