Architect Blog 3: Adriana Natcheva

BFT028-Dining-L1-785x503(Chelsea House)

This is the third building by Adriana Natcheva that I chose to write about. The picture shows the dining room of the Chelsea House in London. The wood paneling makes the room appear to have a very high ceiling, which makes the room look comfortable. I also like the shade of the wood paneling that was used because it matches the white ceiling and walls nearby. Additionally, the wood flooring adds to the comfortable appearance of the room. The windows are large but not transparent enough that someone could see in, which makes me think that the room would be a cozy place to be alone reading a book, and like it would be a room where one could spend hours undisturbed. The bookshelves and lighting make the room feel a bit like a study, in which I could spend a lot of time and not get bored. All the room needs to be perfect, in my mind, is a cozy couch and some chairs. All in all, this room gives me a feeling of coziness and comfort.

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