Architect Blog 2: Adriana Natcheva


The second building that I chose designed by Adriana Natcheva is the concept for an office building in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The architecture for this idea is quite modern. It has a lot of windows, not uncommon for tall office buildings, but has several quite different decorative features. There is a diamond-pattern structure on the outside of the building, which provides both structural support and an interesting aesthetic appeal. However, on at least one side of the building there are horizontal bars running through the open diamond shapes. Although these may play a structural role, it seems to me that they would create shadows and a lack of lighting in the offices behind them. Furthermore, this lack of light would probably dramatically decrease the perceived temperature in those offices. As someone who gets cold very easily, I would not like to work in this building. However, as a passerby I find it quite interesting to look at.

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