Architect Blog 1: Adriana Natcheva



Adriana Natcheva, a London architect, co-founded Groves Natcheva Architects in 2000. The Zog House, which she designed, is industrial style architecture located in Queen’s Park in northwest London. It is a small split-level residence designed largely from unfinished concrete for a less-than traditional look. The lack of excessive adornment leaves more space for resident use, and the large windows shown in the pictures make the interior space feel larger than it actually is. The strategic alignment of the interior concrete panels allow the rooms to be separate but flow in sequence. I personally do not like the exterior look of the house as a whole, although I do like the use of large windows to open the house up. I find the combination of the white and black on the exterior to be harsh. In the dim evening lighting of the first picture, the yellowish green lights inside give the house a somewhat creepy air that I do not find appealing. If the exterior of the house looked like concrete and was strictly gray as is the inside I would find it much more appealing. The inside of the house, in contrast, is well-lit, appealing, and appears to utilize space quite effectively to divide the small house into numerous spaces.

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