Aga Khan Hospital – Karachi, Pakistan

AGA-Khan-Hospital-Nairobi-02-e1366225442461 My parents are from Pakistan and I’ve been there numerous times, so choosing a building located there for this project was a no brainer. I chose Aga Khan University and Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. I didn’t choose this hospital because of how fascinated I was by its beautiful architecture, but because of the eye-opening experiences I had around it. I last visited this hospital on December 27th, 2007. My cousin was born at Aga Khan hospital that day and a Pakistani presidential candidate was assassinated. At the age of 11, I saw what true tragedy looked like.

20080721_064_20101106_1443745757What’s odd is that we celebrate this day every year for my cousin but it was the scariest day of my life. So when I think about this day, this hospital, the only word that comes to mind is bittersweet. Besides my personal experience there, Aga Khan is one of the biggest hospitals in Pakistan. The building was designed in 1985 by Payette Associates who said they wanted to incorporate the culture of the surrounding area into their design. With the craziness of the day, I don’t remember much of the hospital. I just remember seeing rows of sterile white walls and going inside my aunt’s hospital room to see the newest addition to the family. aga-khan-hospital-07  Source


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